Sublimation Paper Introduction

Sublimation Paper Introduction-SUPER TRANSTAR - DTF Film,DTF ink,DTF PowderSublimation Paper,UV DTF Film,DTF ink,DTF Powder


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Sublimation transfer paper should be stored in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight. It is better to store the paper under constant temperature and humidity in air-conditioned rooms. The ideal storage condition is a relative humidity of 40-70%RH under 10-30℃.

Sticky transfer paper has strong moisture absorption capacity, and its viscosity will change in different temperature and humidity environments. Please be sure to store it in an environment where the relative humidity is less than 70% RH and tie the plastic bag in a cool place away from the light.


The printing environment humidity is preferably controlled at around 45-65% RH, as if the environment is too dry, the transfer paper is curled. Then when printing in large amounts of ink, the transfer paper may arch so it may stretch out and collide into the printing heads and cause malfunctioning. If the environment is too humid, then it may cause the reduction of drying rate of transfer paper and the irregularity of transfer paper’s stretch at both ends of the paper. The printing room is recommended to install air-conditioning and dehumidifier to ensure that the printing environment is stable and appropriate.


Keep the paper roll in a loose plastic bag and keep it upright, do not seal the plastic bag so that the moisture from the transfer paper can be evaporated into the air. It is better to store the printed transfer paper in an environment with a humidity of 45-65% RH and a temperature of 15-30°C.