PVC Tarpaulin Truck Cover 1000D*1000D 18*18 580gsm

PVC Tarpaulin Truck Cover 1000D*1000D 18*18 580gsm-SUPER TRANSTAR - DTF Film,DTF ink,DTF PowderSublimation Paper,UV DTF Film,DTF ink,DTF Powder


  • A variety of color choices are available
  • Excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, extremely soft hand feeling
  • Waterproof, flame retardant, Anti-UV, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Mildew, Oil resistant
  • Strong and durable, not easy to wear

Technical Data Sheet

Item Code STPTTCGY1018580 Test Method
Base Fabric 1000D*1000D 18*18 DIN EN ISO2060
Weight (GSM) 580 DIN EN ISO2286-2
Tensile Strength Warp(N/5cm) 1800 DIN53354
Weft(N/5cm) 1800 DIN53354
Tear Strength Warp(N/5cm) 280 DIN53363
Weft(N/5cm) 250 DIN53363
Peeling Strength Warp(N/5cm) 120 DIN53357
Weft(N/5cm) 110 DIN53357
Temperature -30℃/+70℃
Flame Retardant (Optional) B1/M1/M2/NFPA701
Lacquering (Optional) Acrylic/ PVDF
Special Treatment (Optional) Anti-Wicking/Anti-UV/Anti-Aging/Cold Resistant/Osmosis Prevention/Mildew Resistant